Beer Brewery De Arn is an initiative
of Arjan te Hoonte.  For quite some time
Arjan had been toying with the idea to start
brewing beers.  Unexpectedly, in the second half
of 2012, the opportunity presented itself and Beer
Brewery De Arn was established in The Netherlands. 

In August 2013 the first beer – a double bock – was brewed
by making use of the brewing equipment of Sallands Landbier
Brewery at Raalte, The Netherlands.

In the meantime more beers have been brewed.  Amongst others the Triple Arn and the Dubbele Arn are available as well as the Iris Pale Arn (an ‘IPA’ ). In the course of 2014 a Weizen and a  ‘ Summer’  beer  became available too. In autumn 2014 Stoute Arn appeared on the market.

All beers are available in bottles or in 20 litre casks.

The great success of the beers created for Arjan the need to have a brewery and brewing equipment on his own. Therefore, Beer Brewery De Arn is currently searching for the right location in Rijswijk, The Netherlands to realise this plan in the near future.